“We take the fees out of property management.” Joshua Lane

Are you a multi-property landlord or simply renting out your house? Are you on hand locally or do you manage your investments remotely? Whatever the answer, Landlords are inherently busy people and really don’t have time to “sweat the small stuff”.

Some common problems that can cause friction between tenants and landlords - especially remote Landlords - are minor plumbing and heating issues, boiler servicing and maintenance, electrical problems and lighting, window frame replacements and blocked drains or toilets, etc.

To avoid dealing with these hassles - and ensure tenants and property alike remain in fine shape - consider Wood, Heat, & More Ltd’s property maintenance services.

WHM features to consider:

1. Minor Emergency Services: we will prepare a list of our call-out services for you and your tenant(s) so that they have everything they need for when almost any unforeseen ‘headache’ arises. Just one call is required. 24/7 priority attention including Christmas and Bank Holidays.

2. Property Maintenance Scheduling: we will provide you and your tenant(s) with a maintenance calendar which signifies key dates and reminders such as, updating gas safety certificates, compliance inspections, and additional maintenance records as necessary.

3. Document Safekeeping and Key Management: we will safeguard all maintenance records and certificates in one place for each individual property address - and securely keep spare keys to your property for all eventualities.

4. Permanently focused: we will take care of all emergency temporary repairs until every step of a complete and permanent solution is evaluated and discussed with you.

5. At the risk of repetition: We don’t charge any fees!