Home Offices


Covid-19 has forced us to change our working practices. By now, we are all used to hearing the words:  “if you can work from home, you should”. Sure, we all understand that, and since March 2020, millions of people previously commuting to the office are now working from the comfort of their home. But is it ‘comfort from home’ or ‘cramped at home’?

Wood, Heat, & More are specialists in building and converting underutilised spaces into home offices. Garages, attics, or spare bedrooms are all options that can be discussed. Apart from renovating existing areas into smart working spaces, WHM can also extend your home into the garden by building from scratch a bespoke working environment or even transforming Summer Houses that fulfil your specific needs and wants.

Traditional or Contemporary; Stylish or Luxurious; Executive style or simply Chic?

Whatever your desire, WHM offer a wide range of unique and bespoke services in creating Home Offices for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you want a cosy office in the attic or new executive build in the garden, we provide the knowledge, experience and professionalism to advise, inspire and deliver on time and within budget.

WHM’s skilled craftsmanship combined with carrying out our clients’ wishes ensure cost-saving viable solutions are always provided.

From initial discussions on design through to completion, we use a project management system which facilitates the seamless transition from one stage to the next. The scope, scale and finer details of the process are clearly determined at the outset ensuring procurement of materials are ahead of time.

Most employees are offered flexible working hours in the current climate. Whether working from home full-time or part-time, day-time or night-time, today is the perfect time to create an additional workspace either inside or outside your home to stay productive and efficient - and safe!